Civil Ceremonies

for Funerals, Baby Naming and Renewal of Wedding Vows


Civil celebrants conduct friendly funeral ceremonies which encourage you to commemorate the passing of a relative or friend in a way which celebrates their life and achievements.

Together we will create a funeral ceremony which honours the life of a loved one in a way that they would have wished. This is your final opportunity to tell the world what a wonderful person has been living in it. The funeral ceremony we create is uniquely yours. Graveside or Crematorium we will give your lost loved one a highly respectful, reflective and personal farewell. 

With you, I also provide bespoke, personalised celebrations for baby naming, and the acquisition of a new step family or adopted child. We will tell all your chosen guests how privileged you feel in your happy position. We will invite your selected adults to be supporters or sponsors of the child and create a memorable, warming, cherished experience that reflects your family values. 

I will help you celebrate the renewal of your marriage vows. Your ceremony will be especially and uniquely designed with you and for you. You will announce before your chosen guests what the continuation of your commitment represents in your life, and how the precious the union in which you live is to you. Many people opt for a Civil Ceremony immediately after a Registry Office wedding because it allows for choice of venue, and personalisation of vows – a great way of putting your personal stamp on your Big Day! 

“That was just Mum. She would have loved it,”

“I hope I’m not saying the wrong thing, but I’ve never enjoyed a funeral so much. How long have you known the family?” 

“ You’ve made it all so much easier for us. Thank you!”

“I’ve known (him) all these years and yet you told me so much more about him.”

Celebrating Life